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My first 100 days at Lockhart Legal

My first 100 days at Lockhart Legal

Published in September 2018

My first day at Lockhart Legal was also my birthday and therefore one I will never forget.

I really had no idea what the day would be like or what I would be doing, but by 10:00 AM I had figured one very important thing out, I needed a bigger notebook to record “things to remember” (which was everything). I am still feeling my way into this role and will be for a while to come but my introduction to law at Lockhart Legal has been nothing but a positive and supportive experience where I feel encouraged to grasp every challenge and to continue to ask questions.

The variety of work I have been exposed to at Lockhart Legal has made the first few months in the working world highly exciting. I have found value in not only the hands-on experience I have had with various matters and clients but also in being able to listen in on the conversations and discussions of my colleagues and the way that solutions are found together.

I am coming to realise that a career in law is a career in problem solving and at Lockhart Legal the collaborative approach to this problem solving is something that I enjoy listening in on and as I begin to develop my own skills. It is something that I look forward to being part of. I have struck gold with my supervisor Casey, whose thorough and clear approach to my training, as well as her unlimited patience to check in with me or have me interrupt her, is something I feel extremely fortunate to have.

The highlight for me at Lockhart Legal has been the people. The team at Lockhart Legal is a group of approachable, well-rounded, interesting and very, very funny people. It has been a huge relief for me to find that I genuinely enjoy the company of the people I’m around every day. Lockhart Legal values its people and the firm’s culture, and it’s a privilege to be part of a firm that celebrates everyone’s achievements no matter how big or small. I am looking forward to what’s to come.

The biggest highlight of my first 100 days of working… actually becoming a solicitor, a pretty special moment with my father.

Sophia Morley - solicitor

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