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July 2016
It is often said that every man and his dog in New Zealand has a trust and it is true that we have one of the highest numbers of trusts per capita in the world (some of which may even be involved in the Panama Papers). However many of us with trusts do not necessarily need them and many of us without trusts would benefit greatly from establishing one.
July 2015
The birth of the second royal baby was a refreshing change to the trite issues of the Auckland housing crisis that once again front the NZ Herald. However, such issues are apparently relentless and as more and more Kiwis see their ¼ acre dream (or even the 28m2 apartment with no carpark) fade into the abyss, many are turning to the bank of mum and dad.
July 2015
When Apple and Samsung tell us that their terms and conditions have changed, we don’t read them, we just click, wait impatiently for the update and then play with the cool new app on our phone. This time round, please read.
July 2016
Refreshing your minds to our newsletter earlier this year we remind you of the Auckland housing crisis and the need for our much loved youth to turn to the “Bank of Mum and Dad” to begin their climb up the property ladder.
August 2014
In March the Government introduced the Health and Safety Reform Bill following the Pike River Coal Mine Tragedy. It will become law in April 2015 and place stricter obligations on all in the workplace; it therefore exposes a broader range of individuals to liability.

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