Business & SMEs

Ensuring that you make the right strategic decisions for your business is what we do best.  We not only have the legal expertise and skills but also the management experience at a global corporate level to provide legal solutions that are practical and solutions-focused.


Lockhart Legal has considerable experience in a wide range of business and commercial law matters and we provide comprehensive advice to our commercial clients.  Our business clients range from individuals and families to large companies trading internationally operating in a wide range of industries. Naturally, given Mason’s industry experience, we have a particular interest in the liquor and hospitality sector. We regularly advise our business clients on:

  • Buying and selling businesses, companies and other investment vehicles.
  • Financing and lending.
  • Structuring suitable business entities including companies, joint ventures, partnerships, trading trusts and franchises.
  • Distribution, agency and supply agreements and terms of trade.
  • Franchising (acting for both franchisors and franchisees) and licensing.
  • Commercial joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Shareholding arrangements.
  • Employment matters (including employment agreements, management of personal grievance, redundancy and dismissal issues)
  • Personal restraint of trade and confidentiality matters.
  • Contractors agreements.
  • Commercial contracts of various kinds.

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